Friday, January 28, 2022

Vintage Revisited

 Another 50 from the 20 in 20 lot (now in 2022...time flies...), and we get to go back to a nice Vintage set again.

Another 20 base card keepers here to lift my completion on the base set to 110 out of 300 - again, another solid start on building such a set, though not sure where other than TCDB trades, I'll be seeing the rest of the set.

I haven't really explored web card buying outside of, but might be a set I have to look elsewhere if I really want to take a run at completing.

Still really liking those team cards - just look how strong that Devils team is - wow!

No Leafs from that set, but did get this one...

I forget some times just how long Kaberle was in Toronto. He played almost 900 games for the Buds and was here for just over a decade. Yeah, one of the players that just, the time seemed to fly by when considering how long it actually was.

I figured I best scan the backs of the Vintage set cards that are dupes so you could check out the vintage looking backs as well.

More 90s Upper Deck basketball to end this one off, including a couple Electric Court parallels which, I think I have caught all of, but they could easily sneak by given the large number of cards that have come from this lot.

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