Saturday, December 19, 2015

Collecting cheap

If I spent the kind of money I am probably able to on the cards I would really like to have, I could run through a lot of money. I'm sure the same is likely true for a lot of you as well.

So part of the challenge I make for myself is trying to collect on as small a budget as possible which includes;
- when trading by mail, trying to stuff envelopes to get as much as possible for the cost of a stamp
- using Listia for free cards
- looking for great deals on bulk cards to get more bang for my buck

Yes, for collecting cards, I am cheap and unashamed. I collect for the fun and enjoyment, making friends and connecting with others who enjoy the hobby, and to have some nifty cards I enjoy and can share with others who enjoy them.

So, keeping that in mind - I have one question for best do you trade cards by PWE (plain white envelope - took me a while to get that acronym...) to send more safely?

For my 2 cents - I can send 14-16 cards in side by side stacks, plastic wrapped to a cardboard support from Canada to the US or within Canada for the price of one stamp. Alternatively I re-use pack wrappers. Any other thoughts or methods, just leave them in the comments.

Lastly, since I should show some cards - this is a card blog after all - here are three quick Listia pick ups I received recently for my Blue Jays and hockey insert/parallel collections...

Interesting comparison between the new, busy Topps design and action shot compared to the Fleer '82 action shot of...listening to your bat...or watching batting practice...or whatever it is that Danny is paying attention too...


  1. Watching batting practice.. lol If anything his bat would be saying "As a batter, you're a good basketball player"

  2. I haven't really been able to get into Listia or Zistle. Both seem needlessly complicated for me.

  3. I have some time traveling to work by transit so when I have nothing better to do, surveys get done for points on Listia.

  4. I cut spare or older junk 9 pocket sheets into three panels of 3, one of those fits perfectly in a PWE. A little painter's tape across the top of each of the three pockets to make sure the cards don't slide out and it's good to go. Have shipped all over the US and Canada that way and no damaged or returned cards so far.

    1. That is a great idea - I like it and will keep it in mind for sure - thanks for the idea!