Saturday, December 26, 2015

Here we go go go go on an adventure...

Welcome, and for those who get the title - I presume you have young children, or at the very least, young hearts.

Think of the post as a preview and vision of why I am starting this blog. A couple years ago in clearing out storage in our furnace room, I came across my childhood sports cards (80s and 90s) and remembering my enjoyment of my youth wondered why I stopped collecting (then remembered high school, university, starting a career and a family kind of happened). As I started collecting, and looking to trade, I came across As a nerd, having a place to track my collection was amazing - then using it to make trades and finding such a great community if collectors was awesome. I find myself now wanting to be a part and do my part in this community (so I guess I was looking actively to do community service....).

I do some trades and spend some time on Listia, but didn't think it would provide a lot of material for a blog. Then Kijiji and this Christmas happened. Word has it Santa rather than get his elves to make something, was nice enough to fine a lot of approximately 15,000 mostly sports cards for $70CDN - how could anyone say no to that gift?

So as much as I will post about trades and Listia, I figure that over the first year or so, I will document exploration of this haul, but also provide a venue for getting rid of some of the haul as well. As I collect baseball and hockey, I will have no use of the football and basketball and although it was noted as 90% hockey - at rough glance I would say 60% hockey, 10% baseball and 30% other - I'd love to convert what others can use into something else for my collection. Here is the whole collection...

I am sure it will be an interesting haul, and I will get one or two preview posts up before the new year, but otherwise - let the fun begin January 1st....

Can somebody prepare the thinga-ma-jigger?

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