Thursday, December 10, 2015

Into the 90s...

The rest of the cards are a bit mixed that I received from Tigeran22 (my doing, on opening them and getting them a bit out of order) so, there may be a bit more jumping around in time, but either way, we will get through everything.

I miss the 90s. I think everyone has a favourite decade or time of their lives they reminisce about. For me, definitely the 90s. I was 10 in 1990 so the 90s were my childhood. I was in high school the second half of the 90s which was a great time looking back especially with friends that have since drifted away and moved apart.

Baseball in the 90s was innocent (at the time). As a kid, I didn't hear about steroids and "the juice" - other than OJ - was too much of that...

Though hating the bash brothers, enjoying el presidente while disliking the expos were things, it was WAMCO that resonated with me. The great Jays starting line up of:






(later added to with Hendersen) was phenomenal to watch as a child, and be able to cheer as a home team. When I think Jays growing up, this is the line up that comes to mind.

Don't get me wrong, there were always additional important pieces as well:

So a number of nice 90s cards reminding me of the "good old days" in Toronto. Hopefully the push last year won't mean a set back to succeed this year as some good young talent went, especially in getting Price into a Jays uniform temporarily.

Also included was a full team set of 1990 Bowman (I didn't have any beforehand) so that was nice to get and complete as well. I didn't expect to start this blog off with making such a dent in my Jays collection - but I'm not complaining!

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