Saturday, December 12, 2015

The lesser knowns and a perfect wallet card!

This last post related to the package of Jays cards I received from Tigerfan22 through the website will focus on lesser known Jays and unique (to me) cards. Let me just show these short term Jays:

Most of these are Jays I didn't know were Jays, though Zosky and Battle were supposed to be more than they ended up being from what I recall. The Battle card is also the first Cream of the Crop card I'd ever seen, and definitely looks a bit better in person compared to the scan.

Lastly, the snazziest card if the pack has to be the Shawn Green 1994 Studio Gold card. Awesome for the credit card look and feel, but also because the state line is pretty horrible - .091 average - yikes. The look of the card does seem to make it better thought.

I am quite tempted to use this as a wallet card to carry around - just seems so appropriate given it does have the same plastic feel as a credit card. First one of these I had ever seen, very unique design - enough I quite like it.


  1. Yeah Eddie Zosky was supposed to be the next big thing at shortstop.. SS was a void till the Jays brought back Tony Fernandez in 1993.. Some of these I remember.. The only one I don't recognize is Jeremy Lee..

    The Green looks like it's from his first full year. September call-up numbers there.. lol

    Silva was part of the trade that brought Carlos Garcia and Orlando Merced to the Jays..

    1. Yeah, Fernandez is who I always remember from the period of giving some stability to the position. Green - definitely call up numbers, and Silva I don't have much memory of.