Friday, November 5, 2021

Left A Little Wanting

 Second half of the 100 card pack today, and not nearly as much for keeps today.

Still like the Primal Clay card, but closing in on have a set of 4 and won't need it anymore if that happens.

The Tooth of Chiss-Goria works decently in an artifact deck as it would likely cost nothing or close to it, but not a huge upside.

Another Amurid, and another of a few other cards that this half seems very dupe full with the first half yesterday.

Still love showing them for the artwork like that of the Distemper of the Blood.

I can live with there being lands in these packs. Not my preference, and would be nice if they were weeded out, but I can live with one per half.

Yes another Queen of Ice - guess they printed them to oblivion!

So many of these, let's rip through another tomorrow with hopefully some differing results.

Happily, I'll end today with another PWE trade, this one from TCDB member taxelson which did to awesome things for me. First, giving me the last card I need for an early 80s Topps Jays team set, and give me my first 2021 Topps Blue Jays cards as I have not bothered paying the prices that are out there for cards these days.

Buck's a great add out of 1983, the last of the 25 Jays cards from the set - sweet, and a bunch of 2021. I am not a real fan of all the parallelograms in the design. I will say it is different, but man, just too much. I am also not sure if the checklist card is really a Jays card, but if it means another Vladdy Jr. in my collection, works for me!

Many thanks for the trade and splash of cards from the last year!

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  1. Maybe because Vladdys' back is turned they decided to front the Braves logo despite it being about both of them. Funny how the Braves had virtually no need for Acuna to still win the championship.