Sunday, November 7, 2021


Second half of the second pack today, and not only do we het a couple artifact cards...

The locket is a foil, which is nice, and marks the second such card I have. Neither of the cards is overly playable - the Scarecrow is a bit costly for a 2é4, and the lockets - there are a few - have too much on the casting cost to be overly useful.

Alright - I can live with one basic land on each half in these packs - though frankly, there really shouldn't be ANY, but three? Come on man - that's just not right.

We even get an artifact card I am not keeping as I actually already have 4 copies for the play set.

Oh - and wonderful Magic humour...the Spear Spewer - "Don't waste time aiming....HA!".

Another Queen of Ice. At this point maybe I should just start collecting all of them!

Definitely a bit of a flat pack overall. Not as different a mix than the one before as I like, but decent number of uncommons, just not enough artifacts for me of course.

Let's end with a PWE with another first time trade partner - AAARRT.

The Roger cards are pretty sweet, but more recent cards with 2021 Finest here, are awesome to get as well - and the nicely thrown in Posey doesn't hurt either.

Just a couple more Finest Jays base cards, and I'll have that team set done - sweeeeet.

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