Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Continued Highlights

 Very nice to pick up more of these...

With these additions, I am over half way on the set which is nice. Again, given they were a box set, wonder if it makes them just a little harder to find singles - not that I have looked anywhere yet, mostly because I don't know what I am really missing yet, and what may still show up.

Rollie Fingers is always a good add though!

More set additions for hockey between 1990-91 Topps and 1992 Score when Score was still trying to avoid the split year naming on the hockey sets.

The franchise or similar subsets are always ones I like - a chance to highlight the of the team, and in some cases, force someone to decide who it should be where a team has 2 high profile star players. I wonder how many times Jagr lost out to Lemieux in such situations for cards, though the easy solution would be to split the card and show both.

Even gat a late 90s flagship Upper Deck set addition.

The rest...

I don't really need to see any more of these McDonalds cards as I have the insert and base sets done for the set.

Football sets, like 1999 Omega, I haven't seen much of if at all in the lot before...

Hah! A random Batman card to end. Clown Prince indeed, though I do prefer the Heath Ledger performance from all the jokers, though Jack's original go was great for the time.

I should have a number of PWEs coming in over the next week or two, so will be knocking this off as I get them, and today we have a first time trade with HookedSince68 that provided me with the following...

Believe it or not, that McGriff is finally the last Jays card for the 1989 Bowman team set I needed, now to see if I can find a little plastic container that fits the slightly large cards nicely for the 20 card team set.

Most of the 1991 Bowman are working on that set completion, with about 35 cards left to go in that one.

Add in a couple extra Jays and...

Almost all the missing Panini 1992 stickers for the Jays team set there, and you have a nicely Jays filled PWE.

A great first trade, and looking forward to more with a new trade partner!

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