Monday, November 15, 2021

The Topps

 Nothing too exciting for today, though a few more 1988 Topps baseball cards for the set build...

Always liked the team leader cards as they gave a great sense of who was the team in a given year. Nice to see who is on "Topps". For 1987 San Fran, it was absolutely Will Clark. He led the team in runs, hits, doubles, triples, home runs, RBIs, and batting average. On the pitching side, Kelly Downs led in innings, strikeouts, complete games (4 - a rare feat these days), and shutouts.

1988 was actually another solid year for Will, and may be why I remember him as a Giant and forget he spent about 40% of his career with other teams (St. Louis, Baltimore and Texas).

Another bunch of Score cards that will be re-homed at some point.

Well, if I can't get any Jays, at least there is some Canadian team content with the Score cards at least by way of Montreal.

Today, we finish with the Leaf portion of the cards from, and all of these either complete team sets or are one offs that stand alone.

A nice bunch of team sets completed here. I really like the Portraits set, so will need to get dupes of the Leafs for the set itself as well.

A neat quartet of inserts - I personally like the Kraft Overtime Winners card with the unique scoreboard design. The Now Starring shiny background is a good runner up though!

I'd be happy if that was all I ended up with, but only about half way through.

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