Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Keep It Blue


No new ones, but an excellent Jays day today. I thought I might luck out and the 1988 Donruss be the factory set variety which has the different border (kind of like 1990 Donruss), but no such luck - all ones I already had from the retail variety. No Inc. / Inc help either, but that's all good and fine still.

Besides, all the blue borders and blue team colours - just bask in the blueness!

If 1988 Donruss is your thing, plenty more here. A set I completed since returning to the hobby, and I also have the second copies of the Donruss Kings for that separate set as well, so I am just down to error and Jays dupes now being needed.

Side note - I swear I have seen that Pedro Guerrero card 100 times in hand. Just one of those cards I swear I have had a multitude of times.

I guess the Expos are coming out nicely in this one too!

We then finish with some Stadium Club dupes. Why can't I come across the Jays having 3-4 copies of each like this? Maybe I will...

Let's end with another quick PWE trade, this one with TCDB member CardCollector21 who sent some Blue my way.

A Nick Robinson hot pack of a PWE! Funny that these are mostly sets I don't have any Toronto content from, which will happen when we are dealing with new sets. The SN Trilogy card is pretty nice in hand, but the scan doesn't do the red foil justice.

Not only that, a few freebies used to cushion the cards...

Always appreciated, and the football will quickly find their way off somewhere else, while the hockey card will hang around as I may look at the 2020-21 flagship set as one to chase later.

Either way, appreciate the trade and many thanks!

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