Thursday, November 18, 2021

1992-93 McDonalds Hockey

 This is probably the fist McDonald's hockey card set I really remember getting from McDonald's. They weren't flashy, but were very much an Upper Deck product of the time - and that was a good thing.

I have the complete set already, but question is - will there be a full one here in the lot.

I did get two more copies of the Dave Ellett Leaf card from the set, puts me up to 5, a full skating line worth!

The extra copy of the checklist I needed which is an uncorrected error card. If you do a checklist, it's nice if it actually matches the cards being listed, but here McH-04 and McH-05 were flipped - oops!

As for the rest...

I wasn't a big fan of these unforms, though I do like when they have an all-star uniform so that the teams are easy to tell - heck, then just throw a team patch on it somewhere if needed.

The only guy missing - McD-15 - Don Beaupre which, is probably the last guy in the set I would have expected to be MIA. Possible it is elsewhere in the lot, but this one "chunk" was all together, so figured it would be here. Time will tell if there is another completed set just from the lot, but since I already have this one knocked off - it's all good either way!

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  1. I haven't seen these before nor do I remember those unis...which are horrible. I love all-star games and all-star game jerseys but these are big much with the striping. A team logo patch would help some. Good set and post.