Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Hitting Re-pe-pe-pe-pe-peat

 It's never a given, but when buying large lots of cards, you usually end up with some kind of repeat or heavily numbered card(s). We have seen it in some of the posts going through this lot.

Some sets, not too bad. I mean, we have seen a fair bit of early 90s Upper Deck 1990-91 through 1992-93, but not too excessive.

In the end there may be 2-3 copies of many of the common base cards, and they may be in fact different anyway given the hologram differences.

But I really mean cards being repetitive like...

I think I already have a couple Greg Sutton cards, so we are looking at about 10 copies. Now granted, if this was a Jays or Maple Leaf card, I'd be happy, but I am good with no seeing any more 1992-93 Upper Deck basketball for a couple days.

I know one way to ensure that happens....

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