Monday, November 29, 2021


 When you collect sports cards for long enough, you get to notice similarities in cards which others may not notice. Today, we aren't talking about that at all, I mean, what I am talking about is pretty obvious to absolutely everyone.

Not to do with these few keepers...

Though, just to make one difference in generations and how we look at cards, in these, I look at Danny and remember him being a pain for the Jays as a Royal. My son looks at these and thinks it's cool that someone named Zane played in the majors (because one of the ninjas on Ninjago has the same name - spelled differently).

Coming back to my initial rambling though, it's about the cards I am not keeping - at the end specifically.

I know, a very subtle difference. The design stayed the same, and they changed the sport.

I go back and forth on whether I consider it "lazy" to use the same design across sports like this or "smart" because using one design for all sports in a year, people will know what year they are looking at period.

Here, we have 1992 or 1992-93 for hockey to be specific.

What do you think - lazy or smart? Too bad we don't see this much anymore since companies don't typically produce for all sports any more.

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