Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Little Things

 I get it. No matter the set, no matter the material, no one is perfect, and you can have a handful of people look over a card, and errors still occur. This is why I like collecting error cards - imperfections that are missed showing, everyone is human!

Just the one keeper today, and of course, an error card. A small error. How small? The team name on the back for one of the years, has TWINs instead of TWINS like every other year.

Is it really anything "special" - no. However, I really like these quirky "oops" cards. They may not be as flashy as a miscut card, or a crimped card, but someone made the boo boo in getting the card set up, and they just all ran with it uncorrected. My guess is someone must have pointed it out, and they just didn't bother correcting it because it was such a small issue.

I don't blame them, but still collect it!

Will never be upset with an extra Tony Gwynn as he was "The Man".

Funny - spoke about the leader card yesterday for San Fran and Kelly Downs, then here we have his card - good timing.

Though I am more attached to the 1991 Score set emotionally - the red/green/blue borders in 1990 were a much better choice that the 1991 choices.

The PWE trade packages keep coming, so we have another here that I gave up a handful of unwanted basketball cards to get a smattering of cards I do want courtesy of jfcard at TCDB.

Pretty much run the span of the Jays with some 1091 Topps Traded right up to the two 2020 Bowman Spanning The Glob insert cards. I really like the Devon White Finest card as it is the Pre Production / Promo version, and the Joe Carter too which I had never seen before from 1993 Metz Baking.

We also get some 2021 Topps cards, which is pretty cool as I haven't bought any 2020 or 2021 baseball cards, and I am doing alright for the Jays collection.

A couple nice Leaf pick ups and even a couple 2016 WWE cards I didn't have makes this a little bit of everything, and really a nice trade! Wow - Brock looks younger even back just 6 years or so.


  1. I used to collect errors too, so it's easy to see why something like this would be of note to a person who does.