What I Collect

My collection - what I have and what I am looking for is fully detailed here on tradingcarddb.com if you would like to review the absolute up to date what I have and what I need lists. That said, what I collect in general is....


Being born and raised in Toronto, I have been a life long Toronto Blue Jays fan. I collected cards for a few years during the late 80s and 90s, stepping away for more than a decade and getting back into it again over the last couple years.

My collecting interests for baseball cards are (in order):
- Any and all Toronto Blue Jays cards in any quantity
- Unopened packs
- Error/Variation Cards
- Inserts


I have yet to live through a Stanley Cup win in Toronto, and it may be a long time still, but I remain a Toronto Maple Leaf fan through and through.

My collecting interests for hockey cards are (in order):
- Any and all Toronto Maple Leafs cards in any quantity
- Unopened packs
- Error/Variation Cards
- Inserts


I am going the route of collecting all wrestling cards (no dupes), but keeping to English sets. Obviously mostly WWE since it is most of what is out there, but I collect all - TNA, WCW, etc. The only cards I want dupes of are if there are error cards, so I can put a copy in the error binder, and one with any set I complete.

Other Cards

In moving away from sports cards in the early 1990s, I got into playing Magic The Gathering from 1994 through about 2001. I ended up holding onto my cards, and when I got back into sports card collecting, I also got back into collecting Magic Cards, and still occasionally playing when I get the chance.

My collecting interest for Magic cards are simply any and all Artifact cards which are true artifact cards (meaning casting cost does not include any "coloured" mana, as well as collecting unopened booster packs.


  1. Hey. Would love to set up a trade for some of the opc you are pulling. Check out my blog Supportingtheminnow.wordpress.com.
    Got lots of stuff to trade for o pee Chee :)

    1. Took a quick look, and I am sure we can work something out. Let me take a good look over the next few days and see what I have for you - what I'd look for in return is pretty much outlined here or at tradingcarddb.com for the details. :)

  2. Hey, I've recently rediscovered a rare WWF 1998 Superstarz Sable Autographed Insert. I've had it in a card case for the last 20+ years. I cannot find any information on this card. No pricing, production numbers....just basically it exists and that's it. I was hoping you could help. My Email is tfarrar1935@aol.com, hope to hear from you.