Sunday, March 27, 2016

More packs from Hollywood

I took another trip to From Hockey To Hollywood to pick up a few more unopened packs to add to the collection. Given their selection, it will probably be a few more trips before I get through most of their current available "old" stock. The prices may be a little higher than I could find them here or there on Kijiji or otherwise, but for the convenience, and to support the store, I have no problem paying the extra 10-20% on these.

So let's take a look at what we picked up today - all in it cost me $16...

I have a couple cards from this set, but as is a theme here, not a pack I collected when it came out as I was away from the hobby.

They are on the low end of the scale, so I have a number of the years, but somehow didn't have this one.

Not many cards from the set, and can't say I ever opened one of these packs.

Same is true for this one as well.

Now, 1992 Topps, I definitely opened a few back in the day, so seeing the blue package brings some memories back and it's nice to have one of these packs in the collection. It also means I am only missing a 1990 Topps to cover all years 1986 to 1992.

No license for Pinnacle in 2013, but still producing major league cards, and these are cards I don't have any of.

This is my favourite of the bunch because I always found Pacific cards hard to come by, let alone packs. As I have mentioned before, I find them generally quirky, but in a good way, so a nice addition here as well.

I don't have tons of packs, but roughly this brings me to about 170 hockey, 130 baseball, and about 60 Magic boosters.

A good trip to the store if I do say so myself!

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