Saturday, June 9, 2018

Let's Finish This!

They were on sale, and I really want to at least finish the 100 card pure base set to the Toronto Maple Leafs Centennial Set, so I picked up on sale two more tins. My goal of this is three things:

1) Get two more pennant toppers with no dupes between the four I will then have

2) Get the last nine pure base cards of the 100 that there are

3) Get one more autograph card - which I hope is not the same as the one I already have

SO today, we will open one tin, and half the packages in it - the other half opening tomorrow.

So first the pennant...

Excellent - no dupe and now I have 1932, 1945, and 1952.

As for the six packs today, let's go one by one...

Pack 1:

A decent start, though no new cards. I was hoping the high numbered or short print cards (101-200) would see all adds, but guess that won't be the case.

Pack 2:

Here we see the first die-cut Leaf which is at least new, and a personal fave in Mike Gartner.

Pack 3:

Three packs in, and still 9 of the 100 base cards remain needed - not looking good on that front. A Potvin dupe is a decent short print, but still, would prefer new ones.

Pack 4:

The second die cut and second new one there at least with the jumping Mike Foligno.

Pack 5:

Love that the design still works quite well with the black and white photos, too bad again, no adds to the 100 card pure base set.

Pack 6:

We finish with at least getting a couple new cards, though not base, with the high numbered Roberts and the Die Cast Marois.

Okay, well, this wasn't this most promising of starts. Still - I have the second half of the tin to make it better...right? Let's see tomorrow. Maybe I can finish it off then.

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