Saturday, June 2, 2018

More Dollarama Fun

As far as baseball card choices go in Canada, Dollarama's 80 cards for $3 is as good as it gets for variety and quantity, so let's take a look at half a pack today, and the other half tomorrow.

Overall, ended up at about half keeping and half trading, so let's look from worst to first...


Not unsurprising, plenty of late 80s Topps. Though I don't have all the sets done - and I have not been actively trying to completely them, I do have a good portion of some of these, so dupes are bound to happen.

Less likely here, and a bit surprising whenever a dupe past about 2000. Also, of these, the Jose card and his look is just odd and disconcerting for whatever reason.

I have maybe 10 of these 2010 Allen & Ginter cards and somehow this is one of them.

So, with those out of the way, what did I find that was new?

Yup - I was Bipped! Bip and Dennis add to the 1989 Topps Traded set which these repacks may end up completing with continually picking up a couple. As I say above, I am still working on some of these sets, so nice to get a couple adds like 1988 Topps and 1990 Topps. Best of this bunch, because it is different would be the 200 Metal Sweeney - classic late 90s design.

The rest of the non-collection keepers include standard 00s and earl 10s Topps cards. I really like the simple, but effective Lou Marson throwing pose.

I was able to pull a couple Jays, though neither was new...

Still nice to pick up 2 out of the 40.

Lastly, the hits of this side...

A little too American Flag related for the Fleer World Series insert, but also my first from the insert set.

My favourite of the cards today though is the "base" Albert Pujols card. I can't consider a serial numbered card to really be a base - maybe that is just me. The design may be a little to black and white for my liking, but otherwise - I love cards based around statistics and milestones, so from that aspect, I really love the purpose behind the set.

A great start, and we can go through the rest tomorrow.


  1. That repack was looking pretty dire until the last two. But the Carter is very nice, and a $3 repack with a definite future Hall of Famer numbered to 150 is a big winner in my book.

    1. Pretty much any SN card in one of these repacks will at least make it break even in my mind.

  2. There are some nice cards there.. I'm probably going to pick up a few next pay