Saturday, June 30, 2018

Dollarama 80 for the weekend - Part 1

These are just too fun to go through. I picked this one up because there was a Panini Elite Extra Edition card on the front which was a set I never see much of, not that I have a huge interest in it, but it is different. So today, we will go through those 40 cards and then see if it ends up being the better half after tomorrow.

We might as well go from worst to first on what this half had to offer, so let's start with the dupes and trade material. This may actually be the most interesting part for you reading since I am more than happy to send these off wherever they are needed, just let me know.

No surprise we have a bunch of "junk" era Topps since I have moved well on those I haven't finished yet in this era. It makes me happy though that I have no problem in general finding homes for these cards, either to collectors like me just dabbling through a time they lived through, or younger collectors looking to pick up some "vintage" card sets - well vintage to them - for little cost.

Yeah, what would a repack like this be without the mandatory Cliff Floyd card. Though it does bring up a question - what one card do you have in excess in your collection, and if it matters - is it on purpose (a collecting goal) or by accident?

My by accident (and please take them if you want them) would be this Cliff Floyd as I only ever needed one, if that, and now have 6-7.

My "on purpose" card is the 1991-92 Pro Set card #43 Ed Belfour. Ed wore #30 for Chicago on the card, and I have 30 copies of it, plus the one in the complete set. It started because I picked up a dozen at once a long time ago, and liked Ed so didn't worry about getting rid of them, then collected a few more accidentally over the years.


Not bad that we get back to 1985. We have seen earlier cards in these, but anything pre-86 is good.

A few sets here I had never seen/hear of before, and no surprise they are from about '94 - '04 when I paid no real attention to cards. Fleer Mystique - first card for that one...Fleer Splendid Splinter - same for that set too.Playoff Absolute Materials I had heard of in football, first I have seen here in baseball. Those are the types of cards in these that make the repacks so much fun.

Lastly, the actual collection keepers:

The Woolworth is great, and a Bowman whatever...that's it. Not a single Jays card in the half so I have a feeling tomorrow may very well top today...


  1. Well.. I'd definitely take any Expos you have lying around.. lol

    1. Some time in the next week or two, I am going to go through my dupes and pull them all to send your way....they could use a new home.