Sunday, June 10, 2018

Let's Finish This....maybe?

Here we are for the second part of the 2017 Centennial Maple Leafs tin as I try to knock off the last nine remaining pure base cards to complete the set (I may take a run at the 100 short prints over time, but we shall see).

Rather than pick through each pack, I will discuss at the end...besides, I don't like breaking up the nice wall of Leafs these's almost like it is Fall.

Pack #1

Pack #2

Pack #3

Pack #4

Pack #5

Pack #6

Happily, this half is much better than the first half as I am able to dwindle my 100 pure base care needs down from 9 to 5. This gives me hope that the other tin I have will finish the job since apparently this third one couldn't.

I think I enjoy the Carlton mascot card way too much in this set. I mean, mascot cards are great, and honestly, Carlton isn't even the best Carlton mascot out there if you include Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince (specifically dressed up doing a Peacock strut). However, a nice card nonetheless. I wouldn't mind getting a die cut version of it.

Also did fairly well with the short print and die cut cards here which were all adds thankfully. Now, if I can pick up the couple other Auston Matthews short prints, that would be great as they seem to still go for a few bucks each, and getting them in these packs remaining in the last tin would be much easier.

Maybe I will crack into it next weekend.

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