Saturday, June 23, 2018

Trying again to put this set to rest

Okay, so I have one tin left to try and finish this 2017 Centennial Leafs pure base set of 100 cards. Again, happy to get some of the short print cards 101-200, but my goal is really to finish up the 100. I would consider done and happy with the set and not go out of my way for the rest, but since it is all Leafs, would pick them up like anything else.

So again, half the packs and the topper today, and the other half of the packs tomorrow.

At least this is a success in not getting a repeat topper...

This gives me '32, '45, '47 and ,51.

Pack #1:

Well, at least the short print Darryl Sittler is new. I guess works that I only had one of a couple the other cards (Iafrate and Boschman). Still none of the 5 I have left in the pure 100 base.

Pack #2:

A bit better - the short print Ed Belfour is new, as is the die cut Kadri.

Pack #3:

Rick Vaive short print highlights here as the only new addition. Half way through the packs for today and getting a bit worried....

Pack #4:

Boom! Here we have three of the base card needs filled, so down to 2. With Bester, Martin and Bozak. Not to mention a new short print Potvin and a die cut Maloney - pack of the day so far.

Pack #5:

Woo hoo! Done on the 100 pure base cards with the last two here being Turnbull and Warriner. So glad to have this one done, and with the short print Douggie to boot.

Pack #6:

We cap it off with another needed short print Vaive and a die cut Potvin.

Well, a great day with finishing what I wanted on the set, the only question let is, will I get an auto in the last packs tomorrow. Autos are one every two tins roughly, and I didn't get one last tin, so here is to hoping!

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