Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day and Dollarama 80 for the weekend - Part 2

First, a Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canucks - hope everyone is able to enjoy the long weekend and celebrate accordingly. I will have some Canadian content later, but first, let's get to the second half of the Dollarama 80 to see if today beats yesterday....

Starting like yesterday with the trade bait...

No surprise with the usual suspect sets, though at least a bit of Canadian team content with an Expos Hudler card out of 1989 Topps.

Interesting, actually isn't that often I see 1991 Ultra in these, and here we have two.....and are you kidding me....another Cliff Floyd!?!?!

Next the keepers, we start back in 1985 Topps again...

We get some good adds for 1988 Topps including Bobby and Wally.

The 1994 Ted Williams set is nice and different and gives some cards of older players, it would just be nice to see anyone, like Jose, other than Cliff.

Also have to say, with the black, white, and shiny silver, the Frank Thomas card is a pretty awesome first card out of a set I never heard of, Fleer Gamers.

Moving on to the collection adds...

Kay Bee is always a great oddball set add, and a Hometown Heroes insert is pretty nice too having the nice thick card stock.

At least we also have some Jays content today, even if neither is new for me...

Still, this makes it a better day than last in my opinion, though nice seeing completely new sets to me on both halves.

Now, for the Canada Day Canadian content - I was at Value Village the other day because it was somewhere to take a little walk to with my son, and for three dollars total, found two little Blue Jays sets. The first being a team set of which I had no cards - the 2002 set...

Happily, because the sets were bagged and well, you never know, the set was complete which is excellent and knocks this one of the need list in one quick swoop.

As for the other I only had 3 of the 54 cards, so this was another great pick up, and it for whatever reason, included one extra copy of the Ed Sprague card.

Can't get much more Canadian than remembering the great times of baseball supremacy...except maybe curling while drinking maple syrup outside our igloos with an audience of Mounties, beavers and caribou....not to stereotype or anything...


  1. Don't forget while riding skidoos.. lol

    I would like to find that Donruss set..

  2. I would like to find the 2002 set