Sunday, July 8, 2018

Don't be Cross

Another pack of 15 wrestling cards from today. Let's start with a couple dupes first...

Well, if you are going to get duplicates, base cards of Hall of Famers like Austin, and inserts from future Hall of Famers like Cena is the way to go.

Plenty of keepers though with what seems to be the usual sets...

Explosive. That's all that need be said when Hogan and Savage faced off back in the day. Didn't know it as a kid, that the on again off again on screen reflected the actual relationship between them off screen, but it adds another layer looking back at the interactions now.

Nice to get some more needed finisher cards from the insert set. The best to me is the Nikki Cross who plays crazy lady very awesomely. Funny story - my 7 year old son was playing with his friends and did something (I can't remember what) and his friend said "You're crazy". My son, without missing a beat said "Yes, crazy like Nikki Cross."

Moments like that make me know I a doing something right with him and wrestling!

We end the package with more Euro cards which I love getting in these packages...

Excellent bunch, and though I don't know how the game is played, I still find it hard to believe Tom Phillips is anything above a 1 attack and 1 defense.

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