Sunday, July 22, 2018

Am I too late on 2018 Opening Day?

So for the price of just under $5 I picked up one of these at Walmart a while ago...

Yeah, not easy to read given it sits off the scanner bed, but it is 3 packs of Opening Day 2018 plus an exclusive Toronto Blue Jays card.

I figured for less than $5 I am at least getting one unopened pack for the collection, plus the Toronto Blue Jays "exclusive" card, so if nothing else comes of it, still alright overall.

So, the Toronto card...

I hadn't really looked at it before hand, but apparently each of the Toronto Blue Jays cards comes in this parallel Maple Leaf design. An interesting cross between baseball and nationalism with the Maple Leaf background design. So, with this one, I have 4 more I need to get!

Since I am keeping one pack, that leaves two to open, so let's seer if I get anything awesome...

Pack 1:

A pretty strong first pack with the insert of Cano being the highlight. I think enough has been said about the wave emblem and design - it's not far off recent years so people who like base Topps continue to, and those who don't, well, don't.

Can we have an entire set like the Before Opening Day insert set? That would be awesome.

Pack 2:

Sweet - the Josh Donaldson is an excellent bonus. As for the Opening Day insert - I really wish the pic was pulled out a bit to show more of the stadium, but that is because I love a good stadium card.

So overall, a decent enough little buy. Nothing unexpected, but an additional Jays card makes this overall a win for me!

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