Saturday, July 28, 2018

Half and half

It's the weekend, so what better than some wrestling cards to take a look at. Another 15 pack - which ended up being only 14 cards (mistakes happen). This is the first pack to be duplicate heavy with half being dupes...

So what did I get that were new additions?

I miss Jack Tunney. Sure he was just a figurehead for TV purposes and making a stipulation, suspension, or other announcement, but unlike today when the authority of the day is on TV constantly and completely involved in story lines, Tunney appeared what felt like, only a couple times a year, so it meant something special when it happened.

Also - 2008 Topps Chrome Heritage III - nice couple cards there. I still remember being freaked out as a kid watching the Ultimate Warrior being haunted by Papa Shango.

The rest of the pack...

Some more 2016 Topps Slam Attax cards which I will gladly take - too bad there were so many dupes in the pack, but can't win them all.

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