Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Whack of SP Authentic 2003 Basketball

I have done this a couple times with 2007 Topps football cards because I have come across a couple sections of cards in going through the Santa Lot cards, so here is a bit of a change to that set up. Going into this, definitely looked like I could end up with the 90 card base set, and I am sure by time we are done, that will end up looking even more likely (I hope)...and yes, I will officially try and make the measurement of a whack to mean 60 - so here we go with another whack of cards.

Gotta love Pippen, even if this is well past the hey day of the mid 90s...

Another player I have no problem getting doubles or triples of - Steve Nash, good ol' Canadian boy...even if I would have loved if he went out for Team Canada a lot more internationally.

I'm not curious enough to see if it is his original name, but Nene? Really?

Latrell - I never watched basketball enough to know how true or not it was, but I always got the sense that he was a case of being a good player, but never up to the full hype.

Lastly, a back to show what it looks like....

A decent enough back design, though as always, I'd love to see all stats instead of just the last so many (here 5) years.

With all of that said and done, I am down to just 6 cards missing in the 90 card base card set - and with another 10k of cards or so to go through - chances look good to complete it, so as much as I am trading cards away, I may hold on to one of each to be able to get rid of a complete set instead of single cards.

Definitely a nice set for someone who enjoys collecting basketball.

With this our numbers are now (through 3220 cards):
Specific Accomplishments:
- Completed 2007-08 Upper Deck McDonald's Checklist Subset (6 cards)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers Other
Toronto 67 5        
Inserts / Var Kept 98 7        
Error 11 1        
Keep 840 93        
Doubles/Sell 312 15 648 773 231 19
Doubles Inserts / Var 23   37 40    


  1. His given name is Maybyner Hilario, but he legally had it changed to just Nene, which translates to "baby"

    1. I was hoping you'd chime in. :)

      Interesting original name, though Nene is easier to spell and remember.

    2. Oh I'm full of useless basketball trivia, LOL!