Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another mixed box of packs

Yeah - so I couldn't help myself and picked up a second box of assorted packs from Wal-mart. I haven't seen them often, so I feel the need to pick it up when I saw it....

So, similar to last time, we will take a look at the couple memorabilia cards that come in the box, and a look at the packs that are new to my collection and I will be keeping. I am curious to see if there are just a few new packs given I picked up the other box, but we shall see.

First, the couple memorabilia cards, and I will say this, at least it is fair to say that the box is fairly advertising the product...

Well, that goes a fair bit for making the box worthwhile right off the bat...

A fine card as well, but only kept for being a jersey card, unlike the Belfore which is a great collection add. That said, the Poti card is from the same set as the Sergei card from the last box...well, one of the two Sergei cards I picked up.

Now on to the packs....well...out of 16 packs, a couple observations. One, only two new packs for the collection - so not sure if I will bother with the box again (or will do it with the purpose of having material for here - which is an awesome excuse). Two, I found there were more circumstances of multiple packs of the same product - there were 5 duplicates to that regard where I think there was one or two in the first box I got. Actually, a bonus third observation - from a quick feel of the packs I will be opening here later, I think there will be a couple nice surprises or dummy cards for show which is exciting (at least until I pull dummy cards).

Hey - good value since it was apparently $4 - maybe when it was brand new. That said, it adds to my string of Ultra year packs.

I have a couple StarQuest cards, but this is the first pack I have had in hand, with poster boy, Patrick Roy.

So - a little short compared to the last box since there isn't nearly as much to show yet, but you will see the rest in the weeks to come!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the results of those packs! I love the design of Fleer that year. Collector's Choice was my brand a choice growing up so always a pleasure to see those cards.

    1. Collector's Choice was never one I was really into at the time, but seeing them now, definitely like them as a yset for young collectors (but enjoyable at any age really...)

  2. There are some good RC's in that 06-07 Ultra, hope you get lucky and pull one!!

    1. I find the boxes tend to be populated more by 07-08, likely because there may be a bit less 06-07 because of that very fact.