Monday, July 11, 2016

Hope with Heritage

Not a surprise that given my like of sets like the 2004-05 Upper Deck Legend Classics hockey, and similar sets for baseball, that I'd have a soft spot for Heritage cards.


Not much for keeps today except the two hockey cards, but also like the fact that I came across my first Topps Heritage football card. May not, keep it, but like the look at the fact we came across another (more would be nice, maybe in baseball?)

The rest

Otherwise, a bunch of football - again more holes filled in the 2007 Topps football set, but the nicest would be the 1991 Upper Deck Elway card. Definitely not the greatest cardstock, but a nice front card design.

Through 3040 cards:
Specific Accomplishments:
- Completed 2007-08 Upper Deck McDonald's Checklist Subset (6 cards)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers Other
Toronto 62 5        
Inserts / Var Kept 96 4        
Error 11 1        
Keep 820 90        
Doubles/Sell 295 15 555 740 231 19
Doubles Inserts / Var 22   34 40    

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