Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pack Attack - 2007-08 Fleer Ultra Hockey

Here for another pack opening - let's see where I am at....out of 271 base cards, I have 13 - so promising I will get some cards I don't have. Of the 9 base card Leafs, I have 4 - so may not get something there I need. Anyway, let's open this up and see what we have....

I guess we can also look for the Rookie cards...the pack says to keep an eye out for them....oh and the one per pack Gold Medallion insert.

A couple nice base cards, but nothing too special.

There is the Gold Medallion for the pack - didn't have it, so one keeper for my collection.

Nice - another Scoring Kings card - I got an Ovechkin from the set not long ago in another pack, and since these inserts are one every six pack - low odds going two for two.

Excellent getting a Leaf given there are only the 5 cards, but it is one I have, so this makes to!

As good a pack as I could really get, definitely a win.

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