Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pack Attack - 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice

Here were are with a set I did not get any of at the time, and don't have too many of as it is now. Since there are only 5 cards in a pack, it would take a while to get the 320 card base set. I currently have 6 cards, 3 of which are of the 12 Leafs in the set.

So let;s see if I luck out with an insert or a Leaf among the 5 cards within...

Nice picture of Paul at the All-Star game...

Interesting - the best action shot they could find for Corson for the year?

Awesome card of the eagle playing out of the net...

Overall front design is simple and effective - back design has two problems - all horizontal, and only one year of stats plus a career total line - not sufficient for any card.

With no Leafs and no inserts, a fail for my collection, but nice cards in the Kariya and Belfour, and none of these were duplicates so okay overall in that regard. I still have one or two other packs to go through in the future, and hopefully they come out a bit better than this one.

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