Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jumbo Jersey Goodness

So my new biggest Listia spend netter me a really nice serial numbered jumbo jersey card....

I really like the card because of the "anything but a single colour" patch which is really nice. Carter played for Toronto in just over 50 games over three seasons and managed 3 assists. Not the most impressive of resumes, but given the serial numbering of the card - I had to get it while I could.  I know fully well, I will never come anywhere close to having every Leaf card ever produced thanks to the proliferation of low serial numbered cards such as 1/1s or even numbered out of 5, 10, 20, 25, etc. So whenever a low numbered one comes available, I will tend to go for it (at as low a cost as possible - I'm not spending crazy money here...). From this collecting stand point, I am pretty okay with serial numbering where Topps does a numbering based on the year, but the lower you go, the more I dislike it from a team collecting standpoint - though from a general collecting stand point, how awesome is it to pull a low serial numbered card?

The nice throw in here is, it was sent with an extra "packing" card which was...

So it is a keeper for me as well since it is a parallel card, so bonus win for me!

The other quick pickup I got were two 2016 Topps baseball parallels shown below - a Rainbow and Gold. I like the shiny of the rainbow as it refracts the light, but the serial number of the gold...and yes, you can't really tell it is a rainbow foil when scanned...

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  1. I don't like the rainbow foil.. The only way I can tell it's different is by angling it and seeing shiny..