Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting our Wits about us

First, I really should have had my wits about me. I picked up these cards on Listia for almost nothing - however, since I already had them, and I am not actively collection the set - I still don't know why I bothered...

I really didn't need those...but luckily I smartened up after that...

Can't say I ever heard of these cards until I saw this one on Listia:

This set of cards is a little unconventional - as you can see with the back - as it is more of a knowledge card - hence the set hockey "wit". I believe that the set is really a card game, scoring points by answering the questions, but I haven't seen anything on quick review online as far as instructions go. Still, an oddball of a card, and nice add to the collection - surprised to see almost a handful more Leafs in the set which will likely be not the easiest to pick up per se.

The other item to share for today, is another baseball card 20 pick up from Listia. Picked this up for the couple Jays, and hadn't checked, but saw a few 1989 Topps and took the chance I might need one of them or let's see what is there.


Already have the couple Jays, but really enjoy the Cecil card. The Rock card is one I don't have and I have about 1/3 of the Bonus MVP cards now.

The rest

Best of these is that I was able to get a 1989 Topps card I needed - yay!


Lastly, three quick one off Listia pick ups...

Two new to me Jays cards, and another McDonalds insert hockey card of the great Forsberg - in all for about ten cents each!

That's everything for today!


  1. That ice set is really neat. I got one of them from a friend last year.

    1. Yes - interesting how the scan comes across almost as a "normal" card - very neat in hand though.