Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pack Attack - 2007-08 Upper Deck Victory

Today, a pack of 6 cards...

Wow...I can't believe there is a sticker for $3.99 on a 6 card pack of Victory cards. I can't imagine them being that expensive, but someone must have thought they would be able to get $4 for it. Well - the fact it ended up in a box of mixed packs makes sense if that is what was originally being asked for.

So before we open, let's look at the facts - before the pack, I have 34 of the 345 base cards and of the 11 Leaf base cards, I have 4 so far.

Mark spent some time in the NHL between the Devils and Toronto - not a Leaf, but at least a Leaf connection.

Very nice picture here - prettiest of the pack, good full body/uniform pic.

Always a penguin - always....other than the very very wrong uniform - always a good player to get a card of.

Good news - all 6 cards are new for me which is great, and personal favourite card would have to be the Jagr one - though nice to get the Rookie card as well.

Yeah - never would pay $4 for that pack of cards - nice to have, but No Way Jose!

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