Saturday, February 24, 2018

A full Dollarama 80 today...

First, a quick and neat little trade which gives me my first two 2016 Bowman's Best cards...

bkim was nice enough to offer these up in a trade and I was more than happy to oblige. Honestly - I really, really like the design on these as far as graphic backgrounds go. I think the large logos are a great change of pace for the background. Name could be a bit clearer to stand out, but otherwise, great.

Rather than split this one over a couple days, let's get through a full 80 cards today. I won't bother scanning the dupes today though, but if you are interested; 11 1987 Topps, 19 others which are mostly '88 and '89 Topps as well as a few similar Donruss. Otherwise, the usual junk wax cards for these things. Not complaining, just how these work.

There is still plenty of good that came out of this...

We start off with a handful of early 1980s Topps cards - more than I would say that we usually see. The Ellis is interesting given the headgear worn in the batters box - definitely dates the picture.

The fet 1987 cards I did pick up for Topps are condition upgrades, still decent enough to get.

There was an abundance of 1988 Topps cards in this one. I am glad I don't have the set very much complete, or I would have about half of the 80 cards being dupes on this one.

Here we start getting into the more interesting to me (see - when I stopped collecting around the mid 90s). The Karros is a nice card, even if I scanned it upsidedown/sideways/wrong.

Conlon cards are a great pick up. I really like the set, which wouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows me. I am never going to pay big bucks on actual old vintage cards, so more recent cards of vintage starts work for me.

We finish up with some more recent fare including one really nice Eddie Mathews Goudey card. The Ryan Braun Bowman is a nice shiny card too.

Overall, a bit too much late80s Topps, but I did end up with a few collection related cards...

If I am going to get 1988 Topps, an uncorrected error card is a nice pick up atleast.

There were also a few insert pick ups.
I hardly even remember K-Mart, and had never heard of this set before. I like the simple design being a picture of a prior card and the obvious marking for K Mart.

Add in a Glossy Fleer and a "typical Bowman prospect where everything is basically an insert" insert, and that's three for that collection.

Lastly, the Jays pick ups...
I am pretty happy with these two pick ups. The Goudey card was a surprise and a great add, as well the Saunders was new to my collection as well. A third Jay would have been nice, but these two are very solid.

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