Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dollarama - Half an 80

Before the cards, another quick trade update. I have another box (about 400 cards) going out on Monday which will bring my traded card total for 2018 up to 1,540 - 30% of the way to the 5,000 goal.

This weekend, I have what looking like a Dollarama 80 baseball card pick up to go through. Couldn't say for sure because it was in my stocking at Christmas time, and there was no label, but it does look suspiciously similar....

Can't tell you which side we are looking at today, but either way, it is 40 cards.

Only one Jay card in this half, and not a new one, but a nice one. The trades made ahead of the back to back world series wins were a thing of beauty and paid off with those 2 World Series wins. Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar were two key pieces in those seasons for sure. Joe also had the biggest home run in Blue Jay history off Mitch Williams while Roberto became the person at second base for years in Toronto, so yeah, kinda worked out well for both men really.

I think this may be the first sticker insert I ever received in one of these. I get it, it was an insert to a card product, so I am not upset at all, was just surprised.

As for the new adds to the collection...

A good variety with the expected "junk wax", though it was kept fairly minimal as you can see here and below. I do really like the Fleer Kirby though anyway. Not one, but two Sportflix/Sportflics cards and a very recent Joey Votto make for some interesting card adds.

The not so exciting trade bait...

Okay, I have to ask and find out - is this Cliff Floyd card required to be in every one of these packs? I think this is the 4th or 5th I got, including two in one pack. I know I saw Mike pull one on Not Another Baseball Card Blog - anyone else?

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