Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pack Attack - 1989 Bowman

Here is the pack today - the comeback edition!

So I only have 5% of the set, so I expect I will need most of the 12 cards in the pack, but how many....let's take a look and find out...

So, I was never really a fan of the faux autographs on cards, but I will say the ones on these cards are WAY better than the faux autos (or even the real ones) on cards today. I think that simply comes down to cursive not really being taught in schools anymore and the reliance on computers and typing for everything. As a result people learning now, just don't have practice writing their names. Not saying they were all good back then - McDowell and Gantner both have really nice ones for example.

That is one young looking Canseco. I also don't mind with sets like this, where there are four checklist cards, they have all been put at the back - last four cards - of the set.

I did get one dupe...

If I was going to get a dupe, probably one of the best cards in the set...not that I am going to retire on this one, but nice nonetheless.

Lastly, my favourite card in the pack...

One of the insert reprint sweepstakes entries. Not as good as the original card, but as close as I am going to get any time soon.

Decent enough pack overall for what it was.

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