Sunday, February 18, 2018

Woody saves the day

Before we get to part two of the 80 card pack....a one card Listia win...

This is the blue parallel which are SN to 150, and this just happens to be the nice and even 100/150. Being a Jays card, the blue tint does add nicely to the card. no, today wasn't as good as the first half of the Dollarama pack yesterday, but is at least salvaged by a Woody card.

Two Jays in the bunch, including the Davis which is the card visible on one side, and the reason I picked the pack. The Woody card was one I needed, and is a pretty nice card being Stadium Club, that isn't too surprising.

As for the bunch of keepers...

The 1981 Donruss Beniques is a nice card except it feels like the left half of the card has some kind of residue on it (maybe gum?). Unfortunately you run across this type of issue every now and then on these repacks, but not  huge deal - not like a corner is missing or anything, and heck, may even be able to clean it of gently. Though, not a big enough card for me to worry about doing that to.

Oh of course, another Cliff Floyd...wait...phew, at least it is one of the different Cliff Floyd cards coming out of the Ted Williams set.

Honestly, I had never seen/heard of the Gallery sets from the 00s until the new set came out and people referred to the earlier versions. Since then, I have seen a couple of the sets in these repacks and I have to say, they are really nice, and would have been extremely nice back at the time they came out. They do seem to hold up pretty well over time from a design perspective - or at least that is my two cents.

As for the dupes, more than yesterday, but still not too bad...

Well, at least Vic isn't another Cliff Floyd card from the Ted Williams set...

Again, yesterday was better, but this was still worth the fun value of opening.


  1. Wish they had a hockey version--would be all over that

    1. Yeah, and I find the 15 card for a dollar packs of hockey cards are fine, but if you buy a few at once, they are quite similar in content (which sets are included).