Sunday, February 14, 2021

Card Valentine

 Of course today is Valentines Day, and let's see if I can find that special card in the cards from the 20 in 20 lot today that can win my heart as it were.

Plenty of nice goldies...

Excellent Mogilny - would definitely be a player collection guy for me.

Manson and Domi in the same bunch - whole bunch of penalty minutes there!

Mike Gartner in his pre-Leaf phase.

Sundin in his pre-Leaf phase as well...oh and when he had hair as well.

All great, just as these couple uncorrected error cards are...

But the Valentines Day honors have to go to the cards for my team...

May not be the biggest names from Leafs days past, but Johnston with the unique skate photo is a memorable shot at least!

Hope everyone can make sure to have some time today with that special someone in your life!

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