Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Quick Tidbits

 I enjoy going through all of these golden Topps cards, and like the fact I have been able to add them to my collection, so don't misinterpret my lack of really hacing much to say about them as anything more than - I'm just enjoying the cards, and sharing them...but don't have any major story, news, thoughts on specific cards.

It happens sometimes, the cards just speak for themselves.

What a card means to me may be completely different than what it means to you, and that's okay.

These first cards remind me of times when helmets weren't mandatory - seems like forever ago. They also remind me of Chicago Blackhawk uniforms that I think Ottawa tried to rip off years later.

Two things that should go together, but are separate here - Ron Francis and the Whalers. Also reminded of the fact he was a Leaf for all of a dozen games in 2003-04.

Michel Goulet - who was not a great help to me playing against him in NHL '94, but here is recognized for his 500 goal.

and end with the Leaf content...

Jamie Macoun I always then think of Todd Gill and Dave Ellett which were the main D-Men for Toronto around this time. Solid bunch and great memory of the Leafs of my childhood.


  1. MacTavish was the last NHL player to not wear a helmet.

    1. It's been long enough, I can't even picture players today not wearing helmets. Though I doubt any would want to anyway.