Sunday, February 7, 2021

Collecting Bonds

 Funny, I mentioned the other day about certain people getting into the Jays collection by showing up on a card with a Blue Jay. I have another sneak showingup today.

Barry Bonds gets in with Joltin' Joe. Barry is definitely a polarizing character. Was he good for the sport, or a black eye? Is the home run record ignored because he holds it versus the mythic status it was given when held by Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron?

Everyone has their opinion. He was never a player I overly liked, and time has probably softened my opinion of him, but still wish he didn't break the record myself.

Speaking of polarizing characters - Mitch Williams and Kenny Rogers likely fit that bill. Mitch Williams is probably best known for being the pitcher that Joe Carter hit his World Series winning home run off of. Whether his issues with Curt Schilling, and being irked by Curt's behaviour had any impact can be questioned, but that pitch pretty much ended the mans career. It was his last pitch in Philly, and over the next three seasons, he had 2 wins and 6 saves with an ERA over 6.

Kenny, if you recall, got angry with and shoved a cameraman which was a big deal and provided a different light on him.

There's one of the defining looks - Chris Sabo and his glasses.

Though the All Star card subset design isn't my favourite, I do like the fact that the stats on the back are only for the season up to the all-star break. With the way some people cool off afterwards, it's nice to see where they were at and why they were all-stars.

Ending lastly with a duoe...


  1. I'm a Bonds guy. I think it's because I got to see so many highlights of him living in the Bay Area. And I honestly can't think of anyone who got me to stop everything I was doing when he stepped into the batter's box. I understand that his record is tainted... but it is what it is. Like you said... he was a polarizing character and usually you fall on one side or the other.

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