Thursday, February 11, 2021

Golden Inserts

 So today's bunch of Topps Gold includes some of the Black Gold inserts.

Would have rather they keep the background than black it out like they have on these cards, but it does make them stand out a bit more compared to the regular base cards. Players are all solid contenders for any insert set - and always nice to see Kirby!

As far as coming attractions, I'd take Jim Edmonds from the bunch personally

I swear, those late 80s and early 90s A's had some intimidating figures on the mound. Dave Steward and Eck were ones I always loooked at and thought it must be hard to be standing at the plate staring back at them. Well, and Pedro's there too - we know he can be a handful to deal with as well.

We then finish up with an arbitrary Jay addition...

A single dupe - I like the lack of dupes on cards I am actually wanting and keeping - solid!

A nice turn around from the football start in January. Much more useful bunch these last few weeks.


  1. Those Topps Black Gold inserts are kind of cool, because I'm pretty sure they were one of the company's first "inserts" that were inserted randomly into packs.

    1. Yeah...remember when inserts were a rare thing an sought after? It seems half the cards in packs are inserts now.

  2. Remember how hard it was to actually read the names, but trying to get a Hold Cecil Fielder card was a top priority.

    Good Job. 👍

  3. Love those '93 Topps BlackGold cards. I finally completed that insert set a couple of years ago. And I think I have maybe 75% of a complete Gold set (gotta inventory them soon on TCDb).