Saturday, February 6, 2021

Keeping It Golden

 Let's stick with more baseball gold today and see what star power we get in the cards...

So definitely a lot of star power kept in the cards seeing as we have Barry Bonds, Ryne Sandberg, and Tony Gwynn right here to begin with. These are near the front of the set.

Marquis and the Crime Dog - another couple solid stars.

B.J. Wallace came up short, not getting to the majors while Chad Mottola was able to get to the majors including a couple very short stints with Toronto with 3 games in 2000 and 10 games in 2006.

As usual, some Jays content as well..

Todd Steverson may have been a Jays draft pick, but he didn't stick around with the team. He did make it to the majors for 30 games with Detroit in 1995 and a single game with the Padres the next year.

Last up, a single dupe...

Almost at 50% for the set now (sweeet!).

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