Friday, February 12, 2021

Stampy Goodness

 We broaden the card range a bit today, while still keeping the stampy, foily, goodness going.

First, the last bunch of 1993 Topps Gold baseball...

Always possible there may be more of these somewhere else here, but if not, this puts me at 661 of the 825 cards. Again, I may take a run at completing the set (minus Jetre), but it'll be a back burner build for sure.

I should say, there were a few others, but they are part of the first "packing material" cards.

May not be able to see it in the scan, but these cards were the closest ring side cards at the top of an overstuffed binder, so they have large bends in the mid left side of the cards. Too poor condition for me to keep, so packing material it is.

Next up, a few different parallels...

The 1992-93 Parkhurst hockey cards were a little stuck together, but came apart without issue, probably just packed a bit too tightly.

The 1992-93 Topps Hockey were part of the last binder that had a smoke smell which I have basically removed completely, so will keep them, even though some again, are tinted at the top instead of being white. As with all the parallels I keep, will soft sleeve them, but stick them in their own box like the 1993 Topps Gold, just to ensure if there is any smell, I can tell and they don't effect any other cards.

We picked up a Leaf and an error card (just an uncorrected one - nothing too special)...

Then we end with a few dupes from Parkhurst. Unlike the Topps Gold which seemed to only be one of each, there were a number of Parkhurst Emeralds that had two copies...

Another quick share which is Magic related. So, I picked up three packs of the recently released Kaldheim set...

The completionist in me, needs to buy one of each of these - a set booster, a draft booster, and a collector booster. I miss the days when there were just a single booster pack which had different artwork. I am over getting a pack with each artwork, it would be nice, but too expensive, though luckily it is only on the draft boosters.

As it is, I sucked it up and overpaid for the set and draft boosters at Walmart while the collector booster I got from 401games. Walmart prices for the three packs respectively are $8.50, $6.50, $42 where 401games is roughly $6, $4.50 and $28. Since the collector booster was a pre-order and I couldn't pre order single packs of the others, it was part of my boxing day buy, but for the others, I sucked it up and paid the bot extra (never going to pay Walmart price on a collector pack).

Getting these logged into TCDB did make me curious to look at some other pack prices and frankly, it's just crazy. Curious to see what happens when the hobby investor money starts to go away, just how much pull back there will be.


  1. Ugh. The dreaded ring cards. I just purchased a set of 1992 Leaf Gold cards and a few of the cards were damaged. Still waiting back from the seller about receiving replacements. Ugh.