Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Growing The Fan Base

 I have to say, I appreciate so far, the variety of cards in this lot. I am getting a bit of a trade off I think compared to the Santa Lot. In the Santa Lot, there were no star cards taken out, it was just as is, but a bit more concentrated on sets. The sets were "mainstream" for the most part, but years I didn't collect, so well worthwhile in that respect.

So far here, there has been a more unique showing of sets - sure gold parallels of 1993 Topps products are mainstream, and 1991 Pro Set football, but the dabbling of promo and sample cards, as well as this European release basketball set - definitely get a feel for there being a more oddity based make up here. Also, while I am nearing 3,000 cards in, I am slightly ahead on "Toronto" keeper cards, and well ahead on parallels, etc. I don't expect normal base card keepers to be as big since I have defined what I am collecting as far as sets go, and unless I come across next sets that have an abundance of cards which scream for me to collect them, the base keepers should come in much lower.

Well, with that overview of where we are at - some more cards from Europe...

Poor Dan, trying to run away from the rest.

Wow - that Shawn Kemp card is amazing. It looks like the man is flying. I know he was a pretty solid dunker, but wow - that's a poster shot if ever there was one - man looks to be 20 feet in the air.

Haven't talked about the playoff highlight subset, but an interesting go with cards related to the different playoff series, and the games of the NBA finals. A neat way to look back and read about the series with the summaries on the back, accompanying the appropriate front photo from the game.

I also appreciate that the World Star subset isn't just about US players as here we highlight Holland, Croatia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Trinidad.


  1. That Shawn Kemp photo is great. Again good cards. The All-Star cards are great and ya have to love any Hakeem cardboard.

  2. The Kemp and Hardaway shots are fantastic!