Thursday, February 4, 2021

Sticking Around

 I generally, really do like these Fleer stickers. A bright colour usually, a solid logo (and I am a fan of logos), and the back also were used well this year with pictures of the various stadiums. That said, here are the fronts...

Two different types of logo stickers, the single team large ones, and then the smaller ones ith team names which I like a little less - give me the big logos any day.

With 40-50 stickers, not sure why the updated set just generally included 22 stickers instead of a whole set, or none at all, but so be it. All the above are ones I needed, but I also got..

One Jays team one and one dupe...

Just like that, compared to the Santa Lot, already well ahead on baseball cards in general, but with all the gold card parallels, just going to put me well ahead the further we go.

We will end today with one of, I hope, a few trades over this year, which turn some of these "non-keeper" cards, into cards for my collection. This was a trade with Bizzork at TCDB and traded away some such cards for some "junk era" baseball needs.

A mix of - I collect a set of just Diamond Kings, I collect error cards, and I am missing a few base cards. That's what makes up my 1989 additions here.

Did I mention MVP insert set and Blue Jays? Yeah, had to get those too. I have to double check, but I may be down to just the Griffey rookie on the 1989 Donruss base set now. I don't care what version with all the * and Inc versus Inc. variations, so this will just be a one of each and done set.

Still plenty to work on with the 1993 Donruss set, but these are better than cards I don't collect so...yay and thanks!


  1. Fleer logo stickers are one of those things I didn't start to truly appreciate until a few years ago. I wish I would have saved all of the ones from the packs I opened in the 80's.

  2. Great pickups here. Love Fleer log stickers!