Monday, February 1, 2021


 Let's start February, the way we ended January.

The next many reminds me of a cog - always has.

Was Manny an exceptional player? No. Was he stellar on defense? No. He was however solid enough - being a good "cog" in the machine that was dependable when needed. I don't mean this to be a bad thing or said in a bad way - every team needs the dependable cogs for the machine, be it to ensure the "weak" holes are still OK, or in case a star goes down, at least they are replaced with a good alternative.

I am sure everyone can recognize such cogs at their own places of business - those guys that may not be the "star" employee, but that is dependable and does the job expected in a solid manner.

I can tell you there are a number of the subset "1992 Topps All Stars" cards missing, which makes sense as most player collectors choose all-stars, and with two to a card, more options for them being taken.

I think Klesko wins for the quartet on the prospect card, Willie McGee wins for best use of ivy on a card for this set.

I am glad, with all the Marlins and Rockies cards, they were not all stock photos, at least some were done with a baseball park background - or at least holding a bat and glove I guess.


  1. I still have the 1993 Topps factory set I bought in 1993 - and opened around that time - so I recognize a couple of these cards. That said, the Marlins guy surrounded by all the Braves aces - who is he, and why is he posing behind what looks like tree branches?

    1. Jamie McAndrew....not sure if he is hiding from the other (better) pitchers...

  2. The McGee might just be the coolest card in the set... well outside of the Jeter rookie card.