Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Busy Times

 It's a quick go through today as work is picking up, but let's see if there's anything fun to bring a smile or a smirk before the hours of work ahead.

Another 9 base set additions for the 1999-2000 Upper Deck Wayne Gretzky set. At a guess - I think this fills the wholes for the Sharks and Tampa teams. Definitely a bunch missing from the set, but this probably ends what I see from the lot on this one.

Not sure I should count these as short prints, but the prospect cards show up every couple packs, so good enough for me on including as such for the time being at least.

Too much overall design for my liking on these.

Sorry for the quick run through, but the cards do help me to at least take a few minutes to appreciate something outside of work each day.

We end today with a single card surprise which showed up in the mail a few days ago...

TCDB member vrooomed was kind enough to pass this one along as a nice surprise. Very nice unlicensed card, and the only Jay in the small set, so very cool. Definitely going to look to send something back his way!

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