Saturday, February 5, 2022

Closing In

As this lot of cards, and my time going through it, is winding down, I was hoping we might get back to one set - 1993 Fleer Final Edition. 

This 300 card set is one that started with the cards I picked up in this lot, and now sits about 10 cards short of complete. Sure, I want to pick up better versions of about 5-6 cards which happened to have printing errors, so those are in my error binder, but I can live with that small issue.

I mean, I had picked up the Jays already from trades, and even they have now been completely covered off with cards coming in this lot as well. Not a bad set overall - boxes go for about $20-$30 USD with shipping, and I presume you get a full set and then some per box - save for if collation is horrendous, which is possible for the time.

1991 Leaf is not on my need list though, except a couple copies of error cards I wouldn't mind having. If I remember correctly, I finished this set off about 5 years ago or so. I picked up a box of each series for maybe $10 each, and was able to complete what I was missing from each set. The collation wasn't perfect, but was good enough.

Seems when I hit bunches like this in the lot, some teams are represented and others not, generally. Don't know if it was how cards were sorted at some point or coincidence, but no Jays through the lot of these ones today.

Still, the unique for the day goes to...

Some more Spider Man cards. I haven't kept track on set completion, but given the small set, might be close to half way with the almost 50 cards I've picked up now from the set. Wouldn't bother keeping it unless I end up with a complete set, but can still appreciate the cards.

I know the basics of the Spider-Man story, but didn't recall Carnage at all which came after Venom.

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  1. That card of Carnage is pretty cool. Never read the story behind the character, but I like the way he looks.