Saturday, February 26, 2022

Don't Forget The Team!

 Team cards! Sure, there is the full team photo where everyone looks the same because the photo is so zoomed out to get all 75 players in (I exaggerate), but why not just use an action shot?

As I continue to slow collect on 1990-91 Topps (which is very much similar looking to O Pee Chee for the same year, just Topps was a smaller set), I get to keep this nice Oilers team card. At least with an action shot, the players are more easily recognizable.

Not sure if I prefer these versus the main players only (where just showcasing a few players like we have seen recently with the Upper Deck Vintage set from 2001-02 for example). I am sure there are people with different preferences.

Also, as you can see, more help on the 1998-99 Pacific Dynagon Ice set, so up to 59% done on that one now.

Though not going to keep them, those 1998 Upper Deck Retro cards are new to me, and the set as a whole. Definitely one I would take a gander at and maybe look to collect if there were more than just two random cards showing up here.

We end with a bunch more basketball, and we have a single day left to go on this lot.


  1. 1998 Retro was a pretty cool product. The packs came in metal lunch pails, which made it unique. Gotta love the 90's.

  2. That Upper Deck retro set looked a lot like Collector's Choice.. but in a good way.

    Also, I have fond memories of receiving a 19909-91 Topps hockey factory set for Christmas and going through all the cards a bunch of times. Which is why I've been hunting for 90-91 OPC singles on TCDB, specifically the cards that were not in the Topps set.

    1. I have worked a bit in reverse - heavy on O Pee Chee collecting, and then, getting some of the Topps version, working on a Topps set as well.