Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Team Player

 As a collector, I am definitely a team player. I'll be happy to get an player on the teams I collect, but not exactly what I am getting at here.

Team sets are always a neat collect. Many times, they are just renumbered for the team (like these ones being LA1, LA2, etc), but the design is otherwise the same for the year.

I find it a bit lazy. I miss the actual team sets that were done by other companies, or by the team themselves, but would still collect these team cards.

As a Jays fan, it's the team safety sets, or Oh Henry team sets from the 90s, or police sets of the 80s that, may not look like the most snazzy, but are fun for their different look.

What team sets stand out that you either have, or want in your collection?

Basketball isn't my team cards for me today either, just these two keepers...

Still love these Emerald parallels. May never see all 400+ of them, but every couple new ones are great.

As for the rest of today's pulls from this lot of cards...ones we have seen and spoken of before...

Let's end today with what was going to be a small PWE and turned into having a few more cards thrown in which get us all kinds of variation happy from edk at TCDB.

The trade was for a few of the Diamond Kings, but edk threw in some more of the different variations I didn't have. I do collect all the Diamond Kings, which includes the variations, and same with error cards like the couple Tommy cards.

Winner for me is the last of the McGriff variations for the MVP card variations I needed for McGriff as now I have all 4 (sweeeet!).

But thanks edk!


  1. The 1996-97 Collector's Choice Lakers team set is cool. It's the only Lakers team set I own that contains all three of my favorite players from that era: Kobe, Eddie Jones, and Byron Scott.

  2. That Emerald art card is neat. I don't know who the player is, but I really like his mask!